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Treasury Management starts with the basics of getting the right information at the right time.

With the power of our cash position dashboard, your Chief Financial Officer and other C-Suite executives and managers can increase their visibility over the company by knowing what is their cash position across all the company accounts.

For example: know in real-time how many dollars the company has in the world. After all: maybe that there is no need to exchange foreign currency now that you identified that you have enough of it in one of the group's accounts.


Long gone are the days where it would take weeks to issue financial statements reports. Created with a combination of intelligence and automation: the accounting platform that we provide your company with is a powerful tool to generate your charts of accounts reports for the entire year and across all your accounts within minutes to hours.

The system is a dynamic and auditable chart of accounts systems. This means that any number within the financial statements reports can be clicked on and the system will expand the row and provide the complete breakdown of the transactions that make up a specific total in the report.

Dealing with multiple charts of accounts? Let our system deploy its intelligence and automatically translate and merge them for you in a single format such as US GAAP.


Our objective to streamline your operations is not to focus on the document itself but rather on the metadata of the document. For example: if our system handles a picture, we want not only to see the picture but we want to know what are the items in the picture? What are the specifications of the items? Where was the picture taken? By whom? The ability to process the metadata of a document enables the user to structure and automate processes.

Our platform allows your company to create, verify, approve (digital signature), and transmit securely any type of client, supplier, inventory, production, quality & tracking document.

With this system you enable your company to reduce and prevent frauds and human input errors.

The electronic documents platform can work standalone or in combination with (fully integrated) with the auditable charts of accounts system. The system is so efficient that by the time i.e. an invoice or purchase order is approved: the corresponding class of your chart of accounts is automatically updated based on a set of rules and patterns.


We offer training sessions for your teams and various departments to learn how to master the system. We look at real use cases relevant to your activity. We also have consultants available to assist you in your daily tasks.


The entire approach behind our system is to always give you, your executives, directors, and managers the control to approve documents and transactions either from a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone. We offer an app that is available on a wide range of devices and allows your organization to conduct business with banking level security and peace of mind.


Our inventory management platform provides a reliable and very solid foundation to your enterprise. Allowing your company to keep track of merchandise available in your inventory or in "back order". All the items in the inventory are structured and even allow you to create an arborescent tree. For example: if one product is made up of multiple components, with our platform you can know within a few clicks if you have enough components in stock to manufacture a new unit.

Need to re-order components to manufacture a new unit? Let the system do its work and generate for you automatically all the purchase orders for the corresponding suppliers.

We provide customers with a powerful mobile app allowing you to conduct business even while standing in the middle of a warehouse without access to a desktop computer.


A system, any system, is as secure as the software used to access it. For this reason, our company has developed a secure browser specifically to meet the high security needs of your organization.

By using our Secure Browser you not only enable a greater level of security but in fact increase productivity. Ever wished that you can type the reference of an invoice in the URL search bar of your browser and it would open the electronic documents directly coming from your ERP? We made it possible.


The Secure Browser is not a browser designed for the general public. It is a desktop software that allows your organization to run its existing ERP platform within a secure and closed environment. We offer API's to control and gain access to the multi-factor authentication tools and protocols of the Secure Browser. Some of which include: reading chip bank cards, contactless cards, accessing the computer camera and microphone, etc. The Secure Browser links the user's machine to a specific account and specific card. In other words: you may restrict access to parts of a system based on a user location and specific computer and specific card.


With a merchant account on our platform, you gain access to a B2B Marketplace that allows you to place orders with your suppliers (even if they are not yet registered on the system you can upload their catalog). When placing an order, the process is fully integrated with your inventory and your charts of accountants.

All the metadata of your purchase order is structured and treated in such a way that you let the system do the hard work for you while you enjoy a cup of tea.


You may or may not be selling to retail customers in direct, with our platform and marketplace you have the choice at your own discretion to open an e-commerce website within minutes and start selling in direct.

The online marketplace is integrated with API's of shipping carriers. When customers place an order, the system will automatically calculate shipping costs, issue shipping labels and notify the carrier to send a pick-up truck.

Planning an event? Discover our ticketing module allowing you to even draw your own sitting chart.


Create any form of your liking on your own with our user friendly digital form reporting creation and management tool. Assign the forms to teams groups. Have them fill them out directly from the mobile app that we provide or simply by sending them a link by email.

Working in a warehouse? Generate QR codes stickers to put on items such as machines, palets of merchandise, and more. Whenever a user scans the QR code, based on the user type or group assignment and/or access authorizations, have one digital form or the other open.

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