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Increase your customer base and deliver the best financial technologies to your account holders. Contact us for more information.


Ever wished you could rollout new platforms to your customers with as much ease as tech companies do? With our assistance this is now a reality.

Our company started as a software company developing financial systems with high availability, security, scalability and modularity in mind.

Traditional banks are not good with the technology. It is a fact. Their business model is centered around community based lending products; and this is why we bring to the table the complete suite of technologies that are available in the PayServices platform.

We do not aspire to compete with banks but to work and partner with them by allowing every lawfully licensed financial entity to connect its systems and services to the Universal Wallet platform that we developed. By doing so, we enable all players to benefit from the best technologies available in the market while keeping their focus on their core activity.

We position ourselves as a marketplace where all parties can come and conduct business in a secure and standardized (compliance wise) environment. For example: if two parties conduct business on the Commodities Exchange platform, your bank could offer a credit line directly onto the exchange. An other example: if a customer was to buy inventory merchandise, your bank could offer a financing contract directly from the merchant's inventory and/or ERP system. We help your bank reduce the customer acquisition cost and improve your compliance thanks to an integrated platform containing many data points of information.


Opening an account with our technology is simple, convenient, and fast.

Our team of compliance officers has put a lot of thinking on how to improve and master the compliance requirements to meet the highest international financial standards while making the process enjoyable for the users.

The mobile apps that we offer allow your bank to open personal and professional accounts for your clients from wherever they are and whenever they want.

Opening a personal account is done in two steps: (1) first people register an unverified account simply with the user of an email address and password. (2) second they verify the account with a government identification document.

The verification process is an improvement on traditional processes because not only it is more efficient (we collect both video image and voice), but also it is cost effective for the bank.

In a traditional scenario: a bank officer is responsible for input all the data. With our technology the time spent to input data has been shifted to the user.

By the time an account opening request reaches a compliance officer, 90% of the verification process has already been completed by the machine with intelligence and automation.


Let's face the reality: at the end of the day every bank must comply with similar compliance requirements. It is a fact.

Thus why bother redoing over and over the same processes? We offer institutional partners the ability to connect to our secure platform and use the "Compliance Passport" of an existing account holder.

The compliance passport is a standardized electronic document that contains all the basic AML / KYC information of an account holder. An advanced mode is also available that provides a reputational report on the account holder because sometimes just knowing the identity of a person is not enough.

Some of our partners can assist your institution with more complex compliance requirements and analytics.


We offer our platform to select partners under a white label. This include the mobile apps and the secure browser. We can publish them with your organization's name and logo.

Let us join forces and become part of your plan. Enable your customers to benefit from the best technologies while focusing on your core business.


If you are an officially licensed financial institution, you may reach out to PayServices to sign up for a Terminal with which you will be able to offer all your financial products and have access in one dashboard to all the compliance information that your institution needs to make a decision on a financial product.

Through the terminal your institution will also have the possibility to submit bids to prospective customers looking for financing products. API's available as well.

The PayServices Marketplace is an amazing tool for any financial institution looking to grow its business while benefiting from the most advanced compliance and financial technologies offered by PayServices.

Increase your customer base and deliver the best financial technologies to your account holders. Contact us for more information.

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