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Efficiently reduce intervention times, realtime enriched event related information, masterful handling of massive multimedia data influx, auto-assignment and dispatch of units, full cycle incident management and reporting.

Freely available to all residents directly embedded at the heart of the co-branded official SmartCity App for quick & easy adoption. Inter-Modal between agencies.

Unique outdoor & indoor realtime geolocation, enriched reporting (event description, identification, medical condition), multimedia communication including text, voice, and video.

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Superbly designed, Butterfly gives residents access to the best the neighborhood has to offer in products, services, amusements, activities, deals, and news.

Push notifications can also be used by emergency services in the event of a (natural) disaster to blast push notify all residents based on (realtime) geolocation and by zones.



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Effortlessly pilot & pay your household and office budget & expenses on the go all from one place.

Integrated Permits, Code Compliant Building Products and information to be shared, managed and paid directly with full traceability.

Introducing the Butterfly Open Payment Platform that allows to connect, aggregate and oversee data from multiple payment providers.

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Fast & Intelligent Transportation thanks to a user friendly Inter&Multi-Modal Private & Public Mobility Trip Planner & Oversight.

Full management of vehicles, fleets and transponders.

One trip, one payment, whatever the number of transportation agencies and types of shuttles involved in the journey.

Culture and Media


Find & Pay for all the fun, interesting, educational, and enjoyable events & venues happening in your neighborhood.

Listen, watch and read local media and be on top and part of your living vibrant local community.

Culture and Media



Energize the city's commercial districts, merchants, shopping centers and enable residents to shop, find and be offered jobs locally.

Promote local multi-modal loyalty programs including bonuses, advantages, various credits such as parking, and more.

Offer special deals & coupons and other goodies to a wider audience to promote incoming tourism and buyers from other cities.


Connect, Find, Promote and Interact with all your city devices such as Public Displays, Smart Meters & Sensors such as pollution, Smart trash, Smart Lighting, Wifi, and all Internet of Things (IoT).



Integrated shared Off/On street, Indoor/Outdoor, Private/Public parking.
Find, Reserve, Rent, Reach and Pay easily and quickly any parking spot.

Manage all your vehicles and fleets including remote vehicle recognition, transponders, and vehicle access control.

Renew vehicle registrations, tags, handle titles, pay renewal fees, schedule an appointment, take care of all DMV matters pertaining to your vehicle and/or driver's license directly from the SmartCity App.




Easily control your personal and corporate finances, spending budget and all payments from the Butterfly Electronic Wallet.

Accept payments in multiple currencies including city currencies & blockchain crypto currencies, buy, sell and exchange any type of value whether fiat currency or bags of rice.

Manage all your Account Receivables & Account Payables (AR/AP) with the multi-level access authorization control matrix.


Built from the ground up with top notch financial banking level system security, user friendly multi-factor identification and advanced procedures in AML (Anti Money Laundering), KYC (Know Your Customer/Citizens), and GRC (Governance Risk Compliance).

PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant

Considered the Gold International Standard in banking and online payment security, PayServices' Clearing House was conceived from the very beginning with its high standard of security requirements and encryption in mind.

This certification allows notably the saving on file of millions of credit card numbers allowing services such as recurring billing and simplified fast checkout payments.

PayServices successfully passed a QSA (Quality Security Assessor) Audit to confirm that its systems meet all security requirements and recommendations.

Money Services Business

Uniquely, the Butterfly SmartCity Suite is not only a piece of technology but PayServices, the company powering this wonderful system, is also registered and licensed in various jurisdictions as a Money Services Business allowing it notably to handle the holding, settlement and exchange of funds for third parties in accordance with local, nationwide and international laws & regulations in a variety of currencies.

This special part is at the heart of Butterfly and allows us to offer one solution with one point of entry and person of contact for all your commercial needs.


Tired of playing with several incompatible systems? Here we offer you as a city official, merchant and/or resident, a simple to use and very robust multi-lingual online tool that gives you back all the control that you need to oversee all the aspects of your activities, and communication among the local community.


Create and maintain the added value produced locally to serve and circulate among fellow residents.

Butterfly allows your city to create a local city currency to promote local sustainable positively impacting projects for the well being of the community.

Local currencies have existed for hundreds of years and allow the retaining of the wealth within the city.


For a city to join the Butterfly SmartCity Network and receive its own Butterfly SmartCity Co-Branded App the process is free and similar to opening a social media page for the city and the economics for PayServices behind the business model are similar to merchant services and free online services such as the ones search engines have adopted.

Cities, counties, and states that join the network are required to sign a non-exclusive collaboration agreement making it an official member of the network.

Upon the execution of the collaboration agreement to join the network, city officials are given a "Go To Market" kit containing basic information, as well a person of contact within the Butterfly Effect Team available for assistance.

The integration of city data such as GIS layers, and the interfacing with existing legacy systems (some of which may require a little bit of development from PayServices) are mostly free of charge for the city and usually handled within a matter of days. We do our best to adapt to the needs of your city.

Having one app that offers so many services altogether as part of an ecosystem where all is interconnected allows your city to advertise only one single app instead of ten different services.
This method permits the increase in market adoption among residents and simplicity at all levels by having only a single platform to support instead of several that were never meant to be compatible.


The Butterfly SmartCity Network is the most successful international SmartCity initiative already active on 3 continents and 45 cities enabling each and every member to profit from the shared know-how and experience from all network members.
Contact Us today to join and/or receive more information and turn your city smart.

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