PayServices is a boutique firm providing enterprises, governments, cities, banks and financial players alike with cutting edge secure technologies. Headquartered in the Cloud with rep offices all around the world, PayServices delivers diverse financial technology products and services to its global clientele.

Always attuned to its clients' aspirations, the firm orchestrates a wide scope of consulting, and solutions deliverables, with special attention to:

// The interests of the concerned parties
// Time to market
// Cost effective & Scalable platforms
// Agile approach with a solid foundation for growth

We work closely with global partners and solutions providers. We believe in a hands-on, panoptic approach and fully align with our clientele’s interests.

"Trust is the essence of leadership" ~ Colin Powell


Our strength and confidence derive from our team.
Each member of our team brings their own brand of talent and sweeping experience to every deal.
Working groups are tailored based on mutual assessment of the client's needs.


A computers and electronics engineer, Mr Danenberg is a specialist of monetary systems of scale. Mr Danenberg founded PayServices.


Leads the Berkeley Research Group (BRG) Global Investigations & Strategic Intelligence practice as well as its Latin America practice. With over twenty years of experience, he has directed corporate investigations and security consulting assignments in Latin America and the United states.


A renowned attorney who represents a variety of clients ranging from individuals to publicly traded corporations in complex civil litigation and criminal and regulatory matters. Mr Binhak has served as lead trial counsel in over 50 civil and criminal trials in federal and state courts around the United States. Mr Binhak has also argued numerous cases before the United States Courts of Appeals, and he has represented clients before the United States Supreme Court. Mr Binhak has also conducted numerous internal investigations for companies and institutions of all sizes.


An accounting degree graduate and bank officer for close to 30 years. His past tenures include notably Senior Vice President at the Republic National Bank of New York, Executive Vice President at Clariden Leu (private banking owned and later merged with Credit Suisse) and director at the Safra National Bank of New York, a bank that offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the global needs of a select group of high-net worth individuals, their families and their respective businesses.


An international business development executive, a senior consultant in information technology, supply chain, lean six sigma, world class manufacturing, payment systems, smart factories and smart cities. Proficient in 7 languages, with 30+ years of experience as a systemic change specialist & consultant for Fortune 100 companies involved in industries such as finance, insurance, online gaming, supply chain and pharmaceuticals.


Experienced senior executive having spent the last decade creating and developing innovative impact investing and trading mechanisms. Mr Macey was responsible for developing and delivering the strategy for the world's first regulated impact Exchange. The Social Stock Exchange (SSE). Mr Macey led the negotiation of the regulatory licenses and developed and delivered the operating models and the support infrastructure around the Exchange. Mr Macey spent 8 years working for Bank of America working on the development of a new technology platform that addressed the globalisation of the banking sector during the times of deregulation; creating a technology base which has served the bank for over 30 years.



We are independent, thus unencumbered by potential conflicts of interests. To say we always put our clients' interests before our own would be false; we don't bring our interests to the table. What we do put is ourselves in our clients' seats, providing technology solutions, tailoring ideas and devising strategies that are true, relevant and always objectives.


PayServices is here to execute transactions and manage challenges that are among the most critical events for a company. We understand the impact these events can have, and take them with the outmost respect and precision. We act in senior executive capacity. We commit the full resources of our firm and team to ensure optimal results.


PayServices has put in place a global framework of reps that are complemented by partnerships and strategic alliances with leading providers in key markets throughout the world.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." ~ Helen Keller

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