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PayServices is a boutique firm providing governments with cutting edge secure technologies. Headquartered in the Cloud with rep offices all around the world, PayServices delivers diverse government products and services to its global clientele.

Always attuned to its clients' aspirations, the firm orchestrates a wide scope of consulting, and solutions deliverables, with special attention to:

// The interests of the concerned parties
// Time to market
// Cost effective & Scalable platforms
// Agile approach with a solid foundation for expansion

We work closely with global partners and solutions providers. We believe in a hands-on, panoptic approach and fully align with our clientele’s interests.

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail" ~ Benjamin Franklin



// Comprehensive experience and unbiased perspective
// Impeccable track record of delivering the right platforms and strategic partners
// Proven ability to deliver premium solutions to prevent and undermine crisises and improve performance
// Global presence and synergetic relationships with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) providers and other platform providers around the world
// Capacity, on occasions, to tailor-make tools for client specific needs


Trading of your state and country's natural resources and products is the basis for a sustainable and sound economy.

Our company works with your treasury, ministries, port authorities and the central bank and financial authorities of your state or country to establish a local commodities exchange platform. We bring a technology that cost millions in developments and close to 300 people's brains at work.

We work together to establish a local entity co-owned by your government as a majority shareholder and enabling you to retain a much bigger portion of the revenues from the sales and exports of the resources to be re-invested in infrastructure, healthcare and social projects.

Because we come from a banking perspective, all the technologies and the commodities exchange platform are fully compliant with international financial regulations and industry best practices.


The DataBank of Natural Resources is the registry and benchmark of all the assets of and within the territory that contribute to the GDP.

The DataBank is necessary to power the Exchange of Commodities and its total value constitutes the benchmark of performance of your economy and foundation of your financial markets.

There are 3 stages in the valuation of a natural resource that is part of the DataBank key indexes:
• Geo-tagged raw materials in the ground,
• raw materials stored in a vault,
• finished goods that are ready for sale.

DataBank sectors of Assets that constitute the benchmark include:
• Natural Resources such as metals (Gold, Cobalt, etc.);
• Agricultural Commodities & Carbon Credits such as Maize, Soybean, Cotton, Trees, etc.;
• Telecommunications / Energy / Utilities such as Gas, Electricity, Water, Solar, etc.;
• Securities / Bonds & Notes such as Company Stocks, Government bonds, etc.


The Universal Wallet that we offer is a Financial Technology which is internationally regulated that has the capability to hold in one single electronic wallet multiple currencies and accounts that create the total balance for a user's wallet.

The Universal Wallet's monetary currency balance can be from a credit card, a bank account held in any bank, a cryptocurrency with blockchain (i.e. bitcoin) or digital currencies (an extension of fiat money centrally managed) which also includes SWIFT messages such as MT7XX and MT103.

Key functionalities include:
• Peer-to-Peer transactions
• No intermediaries between (central) banks
• Direct conversions & exchanges
• Gold used as the common value of reference
• 24/7/365 real-time settlements
• SMS & Offline payments capable
• Secure Browser compatible
• API's available


The Universal Wallet Split Billing is the technology that allows the amount of a specific transaction to be split among one or more parties when the transaction is settled in realtime. This is made possible because the Universal Wallet does not use any batch processing. All transactions are completed immediately.

The Split Billing system allows for example a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) issuer to collect transaction fees on its currency when it is being exchanged between two parties on the open market.

Another example is when two or more parties enter in a PayMaster Escrow type agreement and need to be paid a pre-determined % of the amounts paid. In that case all parties are paid at the same time based on their pre-determined split table.


The realtime taxation is an extension of the split billing technology that allows the Tax Revenue Authority to collect certain taxes on goods and services at the same time that the merchant or service provider is paid.

This technology is enabled through the CBDC Universal Wallet platform and allows for a more efficient due process.


The Universal Wallet Switch / Gateway / Clearing House system is the solid and secure foundation of the sovereign national system of a specific fiat currency and/or Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) by which one bank sends funds to another bank with real-time transaction settlement.

The Universal Wallet platform gives the regulator a specific CBDC the real-time overview of the financial statements of any of the banks that it regulates as a wole or individually.

With the CBDC technology there is full traceability on movements and transactions.

When looking at a transaction with our CBDC technology platform, you do not only see a payment but all the metadata of the payment including the related documents, permits, goods description, contact details of the parties, etc. All parties looking at a transaction with the CBDC platform look at the information coming from the same system in real-time enabling a reduction in errors and improved transparency and governance.


The Dynamic Currency Conversion is the process used by the Universal Wallet to exchange currencies between two parties in direct using peer-to-peer or through the exchange rate provided by the regulator of the CBDC.

The platform uses the benchmarks of the exchange platform to determine the value of the currency and uses gold as a common denominator between two CBDC to define their exact exchange rate without the need to use an intermediary.


Case #1: Two parties do an exchange at a rate defined between themselves.

Case #2: The exchanges are done via proportional draws from each financial institution at a rate defined by the CBDC issuer. Each financial institution can decide how much they put up for sale on a daily basis.


Any private or corporate entity within the territory regulated by the CBDC issuer can conduct business on the Exchange platform.

Any foreign entity that wants to do business with a merchant from the territory regulated by the CBDC issuer must also register on the Exchange Platform and pay, if applicable, a subscription fee to get access to the live trading markets.

This process ensures to the regulator and parties that all channels of trading are monitored at all times and lawful due process.

Every time that a trade occurs, the Exchange system automatically generates and delivers in an organized and traceable manner the documents and certificates such as the Title Holder Certificate (THC) or Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR).

Exchanges for stocks, securities, as well as commodities are fully integrated and compatible with the Universal Wallet for realtime payments and trading 24/7/365 in either fiat or digital currencies.


The Universal State Card is a unique card that combines 5 key functionalities from the Universal Wallet:

// Payments (in both fiat and digital currency)

// Identity (name, picture, date of birth, etc.)

// Driving (licenses i.e. car, motorcycle, truck, boat, etc.)

// Health (insurance, medical records, etc.)

// Assistance (social security, food stamps, etc.)

Each card contains an integrated circuit (IC) chip containing at minimum the card number, a magnetic stripe, a unique QR code, contactless capabilities, the name and picture of the cardholder emblems of the State and others.

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