Butterfly Effect

PayServices' Butterfly Suite allows you to become the B.O.S.S. using our amazing Business Operating Secure System packed with the latest technologies.
We've been waiting for you. Start today and show the world who's the real B.O.S.S. !

Butterfly Effect

We, the People, are the Butterflies

The butterfly effect is this idea that a single butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the globe can, by impacting on a series of events, start a hurricane on the other. The smallest actions can create ripples and change the World. Your action will.

Get your Butterfly Effect Citizen Card today and be part of the Revolution

Each of us is a lone butterfly in its local community but by joining the Butterfly Network we can together revolutionise the world's most basic human interaction: [the exchange of value]; by using a type of money to exchange value that is connected to the people & their local economies that, instead of penalizing the individuals, gives them always more the more they participate.

The PayServices Card is packed with the latest technologies and is the first of its kind that can handle transactions in over 200+ conventional, complementary, and crypto currencies & so much more.

Join today, Get rewarded ASAP!

When you open a conventional account, you owe the system before doing anything with it and do not actually get any added value. Today, with the PayServices Butterfly Effect Citizen Card and the introduction of the ButterflyBits, we invert the momentum.
By acquiring a Butterfly Card today, you will be rewarded the purchase dollar face value equivalent of the card in BFB (Butterfly Bits) as a bonus FREE gift for purchasing the card and joining the Butterfly Community!

You've got a Butterfly Card? Enjoy the VEMS!

The VEMS (Value Exchange Management System) is available from your PayServices Account after the purchase of a Butterfly Card and allows you to buy, sell, & barter any type of value with the Butterfly Community.

PayServices follows the most modern local & international industry accepted procedures in regards to KYC - "Know Your Customer" and AML - "Anti Money Laundering". The purchase of a Butterfly Card and the use of any of PayServices' money & value related solutions requires imperatively a [Verified by PayServices] account. This is achieved by completing the E-ZSignUP process via one of our Mobile or Desktop applications.

The challenge in today's world is not in learning how to accept change, but in how to orchestrate the most efficient change leading to organizational evolution. Change is fundamental, and today, by joining the Butterfly Network, you have the opportunity to be part of this change.

We, the People, are the Butterflies
and the flapping of our wings will impact the change

The Butterfly Card can not only be a payment mean for the exchange of value but also an identification item. Since all PayServices accounts require to be verified following industry standards, the name and person's details on the card are always accurate and can be verified against counterfeit anywhere using our Butterfly Point Of Sale Terminals.

Some of our cards may be co-branded.
All our cards have the same technical capabilities, while offerings may differ.

The BFB (Butterfly Bits) are issued to you by the Butterfly Effect Central Reserve as a bonus FREE gift for purchasing the card and joining the Butterfly Community!
The Butterfly Effect Central Reserve account is currently managed by PayServices LTD based out of Israel that will be depositing the BFB in your account.
PayServices Israel is currently active under an Israeli Money Transmitter/Exchanger License which follows all international AML/KYC financial regulations and best practices for the good of the community.


Download this flyer (PDF)

Direct link: https://www.payservices.com/butterfly.php?tab=Card_Flyer

Download this flyer (PDF)

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Secure Browser

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Direct link: https://www.payservices.com/butterfly.php?tab=Browser_Flyer
Central Reserve

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Direct link: https://www.payservices.com/butterfly.php?tab=Central_Reserve_Flyer
BMH - Butterfly Magic Hits

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Direct link: https://www.payservices.com/butterfly.php?tab=BMH_Flyer

Download this flyer (PDF)

Direct link: https://www.payservices.com/butterfly.php?tab=DDSS_Flyer

Download this flyer (PDF)

Direct link: https://www.payservices.com/butterfly.php?tab=Ticketing_Flyer
POS (Point Of Sale)
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